Tuesday, September 28, 2010

When Art Direction And Statistics Intersected

Back in the day, when Honda was a $22 million account, they wanted to do an ad celebrating the sale of their 1 millionth car. I was lucky enough to get the assignment. There was only one hitch. The lawyer for Honda needed to see the proof that there had indeed been a million cars sold.

Skipping the obvious question that they were the ones who had told us they sold a million, I had to figure out how to make the case. And remember, this was in the days before the Internet. And personal computers. So, I took the listings of all the registrations of Hondas since 1974 and did a linear regression analysis for the remaining 6 months to project mathematically when the actual milestone would be reached. The lawyer bought the argument, and that was the only time in my many years as an Art Director that I was able to use my Statistics class training to sell an ad.

Bill Halladay ACD, RPA

Friday, September 3, 2010

Um, dated much?

At the time, bluetooth and voice recognition was a new-fangled technology. Of course, now, seeing people chat with their steering wheel is an everyday occurrence.

I remember thinking how late I had to stay to pump out lines for this newspaper insert. I think I was there ‘til the wee hour of 8pm. Hah! Can you believe it? 8pm? Those were the days.

David Carlson Copywriter, RPA